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Principal's Desk

Jamalpur Mahavidyalaya, a government aided degree college affiliated to the University of Burdwan since July, 2009, has been stepping up towards rapid development among the young evolving colleges. Thanks to the initiators of this ‘Mahavidyalaya’ who geared-up the construction work of the college building so that the teaching work was possible in the college’s own premises from the academic session 2012-2013. We are deeply indebted to the Jamalpur High School for allowing us to use their premises for conducting the daily work of the college in its initial days. At present the college is offering honours and general courses in six rudimentary arts subjects. Regarding appointment of the full-time teachers, seven posts have already been filled up on recommendation of the West Bengal College Service Commission in its recent recruitment drive. The college authority had earlier managed to recruit seven Government Approved Teachers (part-time)of which six are remained in service . Besides these permanent faculty members, a number of guest lecturers with requisite qualifications are teaching in the college. We are already running a computer application programme sponsored by WEBEL in order to encourage computer literacy among our students. The National Service Scheme (NSS) has been introduced in our college from this session (2014-2015). I am thankful to all members of the previous Adhoc Governing Body and also to the members of the present Governing Body headed by Shri Mehemud Khan, for the sincere co-operation extended by them in every step of development of the college. I would also like to mention Shri Souvik Roy of MAPEX infrastructural limited for his generous contribution towards the development of the college infrastructure.

As our college is situated in the primarily rural and agrarian region of south Damodar, we are poised between our own unique set of challenges and opportunities. Moreover, demographically the region has a sizeable SC, ST and minority population, which makes our endeavour to disseminate quality education among them all the more pertinent. We are a small institution but our dream is big. We are striving to become a beacon of light by illuminating the minds of both the teachers and the taught and in a way, of the greater society. We believe that education is the bridge that connects man with his surroundings, the outer world with the inner self, and the soul with the mind of an individual. Above all, our primary duty is to give care and nurture to the tender and inquisitive minds of our pupils so that they can grow into self-reliant, independent and enlightened souls. We are marching ahead with our mission but it is an uphill task. We have to put in our sincere commitment and tireless effort to make our college a world-class centre of excellence, where knowledge will be free and boundless.

I convey my heartiest congratulations to the new students and welcome them to our college. I also sincerely invite co-operation from across the all avenues of society so that we can move forward to create a conducive atmosphere for the fulfillment of our dream in the days to come.  

Dr. Kartick Chandra Mukhopadhyay